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Introducing Moose Meadows Business Park, the stunning upcoming new addition to Canmore, Alberta.

Canmore's most flexible commercial space
designed with local business in mind

Sleek and sophisticated, this is your chance to own your own commercial space in Canmore's booming real estate market.

Moose Meadows offers qualities always coveted, but rarely obtained in the commercial space available in the Bow Valley – a unique blend of generously proportioned interiors
starting at $225/sq ft

Limited offering of 28 units creatively conceived
to start or expand your business!

units remaining
sq ft
car parks

Property Highlights

About Our Team

Devin Stephens
With over ten years of proven Marketing & Real Estate experience, Devin prides himself in providing his clients the performance driven results they expect and deserve.

Devin is a seasoned Canmore real estate agent who comes to the Bow Valley by way of several successful years in Edmonton as an Associate and brokerage owner of a Re/max franchise.

My Philosophy: Energy In=Energy Out The law of physics applies to everything in life including real estate. “I will not be outworked” and will invest an uncontested amount of Energy to give you the results you deserve. Your time is valuable and when you hire a real estate agent, they should be doing the work for you!
Victor Henning
Victor has a unique commercial property background starting with one of Canmore’s largest commercial developers. He has experience in leasing and selling some of Canmore’s best locations and properties.

With a 7-year experience in with a major Canmore Development company in Marketing and Sales, along with an innate talent (call it a good eye) for evaluating property. I achieve great results for my clients. I do this with creativity, great negotiation skills, attention to detail and a human approach. I make your priorities mine and treat your assets as if they were my own.



Unit # Sq.Ft Main + Second floor Pricing Per
square Foot
List Price + GST Optional- List
Price + GST w/out
Second Level
UNIT 17 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 16 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 15 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 14A 3956 $240.00 $949,440.00 $919,770.00 SOLD
UNIT 13A 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 12A 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 11A 3266 $240.00 $783,840.00 $759,345.00 SOLD
UNIT 10A 4950 $240.00 $1,188,000.00 $1,150,875.00 SOLD
UNIT 7B 4756 $232.50 $1,105,770.00 $1,022,540.00 SOLD
UNIT 6B 5000 $232.50 $1,162,500.00 $1,075,000.00 SOLD
UNIT 5B 5000 $232.50 $1,162,500.00 $1,075,000.00 SOLD
UNIT 4B 5000 $232.50 $1,162,500.00 $1,162,500.00 SOLD
UNIT 3B 2500 $232.50 $581,250.00 $537,500.00 SOLD
UNIT 2B 2500 $232.50 $581,250.00 $581,250.00 SOLD
UNIT 1B 11,592 $232.50 $2,695,140.00 $2,492,280.00 SOLD
UNIT 8B 2500 $232.50 $581,250.00 $581,250.00 SOLD
UNIT 9B 2500 $232.50 $581,250.00 $537,500.00 SOLD

Satellite Image

Satellite Image

Floor Planning Image

Aerial View

Canmore stats info

demographics canmore
population 14,761 (2018)
median hh income $98,900 (2015)
households 8248 (2017)
businesses 833 (2018)

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